Activity 7.2/7.3 – Planning a lecture

What elements of lecture structures are being used here?

The schedule is split up. This respects the maximum concentration span we have. Around 2-5 minutes are given for each slide.  There is variety. There is time to settle down and let the contents “breathe”. There is a summary at the end. There is a back up plan .

What structure do you favour in your current practice?

Breaking it up with Mentimeter/polls, or otherwise inviting activity from the audience. Applying what has been spoken about throughout the talk.

How does this link with your espoused conceptions of learning from earlier?

Learning happens when we are engaged and actively playing with the material. Ideas should be allowed to permeate into the learners, who make sense of it in their own schemas. Lecture time should be more about application of knowledge than transmission of knowledge where possible.


What ways do you currently make your lectures interactive?

Mentimeter, audience participation, games/fun things that apply the knowledge being processed, re-invent the content in unusual ways

What ways have you seen others use?

Use of props, use of pair work, use of small groups within the lecture